Sell Your Stories

An Easy Way

Do you have a motivational story to sell? You can sell your stories through  We encourage people to write their experience that stands close to nature.  Our blog portal promotes the importance of keeping our environment healthy and hygiene.  The blog promotes product produced by using natural methods without any synthetic or material that can create an adverse effect on nature and the living organism. You can sell your story for money.

How can you sell your stories?

You can sell your stories directly to the publishing house.  Alternatively, you can assign the stories to blog site where they have a proper marketing system to sell your stories.  If you want to sell your story to a news magazine, you can directly discuss with them, narrate the outline of the story, and show some stills if you have something.  If they feel it has the pitch and could be a crowd puller then naturally they will give you good bid.  You can try the same marketing tactics with different magazine publishers and take their bid.  Deal professionally and sell your story directly to a magazine publisher who had given the highest bid.

Delayed payments:

Many publishing houses take some payment processing time to release your payment.  It is natural, and you can certainly wait for it.  Nevertheless, there are chances after accepting your story, they will decline to publish it, and it will be a sad affair.  In addition, there could be chances that your story what has sold to the magazine, could be sold to a third party without your consent. Since you have already sold your story to the magazine publisher, you have no right to stop your buyer from selling the story to a third party.  Your article buyer can make more money than what they have paid to you, but that is part of the deal.

How can you avoid these kinds of incidents?

There are ways, even better ways to sell your stories and make more money.  The best way to make more money is to sell your stories to an agent.  You can find so many websites, running by agents offering the best deal to sell your stories.  So selling stories seems to be very safe, provided you should approach a reliable agent who can give you an excellent service.  You can contact us for selling your stories.  We have the state of the art software, with a better interface and can effectively market your story and close deal favorably for a better price what you are expecting.

Hire an agent:

For selling the stories, the best option is to appoint an agent who can take care of the deal.  A good marketing agent can tell you the best price your story can fetch.  Once you select an agent to market your story, they will get the best offers for you.  After collecting all the offers, the agency will discuss with you the offers in hand and they will arrange to send the contract from the selected publisher.  The contract will certainly cover all the transaction details, the payment release date, and other right issues, etc.

After the signing the contract and before writing the story, the publishing company’s reporter will take an interview with you.  The publisher will check the story outline and sometimes and mostly, they will give you some writing guidance to match with their publishing standard.  After the confirmation, you can start writing your story.  We can take care of your interest and act as your mediator with the publisher.  With enormous experience in selling my stories, we can always give you the best offers.