6 Innovative Ways Laser Printing is Changing Technology

In years past, television gave viewers glimpses of the future. Whether it was a flying car that whisked from planet to planet in a matter of minutes or pushing a button to get whatever food we wanted for supper, the possibilities seemed endless. While some of those futuristic visions have yet to come true, others have come along that many would have never thought possible. One of these is laser printing, which in a few short years has revolutionized manufacturing, medicine, and other fields, changing technology in many new and exciting ways.

Localized Production
Rather than ordering a product and waiting for it to be manufactured and shipped to you, laser printing will let products be made locally rather than at a central location far away. And to make it easier, many consumers may in fact have their own laser printers at home, letting them simply find software files online and only pay for the raw materials needed for the product.

Customized Creativity
Because more and more consumers want items that are customized just for them, laser printing will make this much easier than in years past. By downloading software files online and having the instructions customized to a person’s liking, this is looked at by many as the wave of the future.

The End of Mass Manufacturing
While in today’s world companies rely on mass manufacturing to sell products around the world, most experts believe that will change in the years ahead. With laser printing allowing for greater amounts of local production, countries such as China and the United States will shift to focusing on manufacturing within their own boundaries.

Creating Body Parts
For patients who find themselves in need of a new arm, leg, ear, or other body part, laser printing is creating technology to make this happen. Not only is this being done for humans, but animals as well. In recent years, prosthetic legs for goats, dogs, and even elephants have been created.

CNC Technology
While many companies use CNC technology to manufacture machine parts for industry, laser printing is now combining with CNC technology to expand these applications into virtually any industry. One area with the most potential is automobile manufacturing, which now uses this technology to create parts and in fact entire automobiles.

Pre-planned Surgery
Long before a surgeon ever makes the first incision, laser printing will have allowed them to already simulate the surgery and know exactly how they will proceed. By scanning the part of the body to be operated on and then printing a replica of it, surgeons can plan their strategy.

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